Recently another circle of friends with many of the topics discussed glasses electricity supplier, we each hold their own thoughts, then I would talk about their views, bring hope to be able to give you some reference, please Paizhuan guide, if you want to learn Point Dry please pass Replica Oakley Gascan.

Glasses electricity supplier first batch available, one hundred million super site for so many years regarded boil boil is some achievement, not to mention how large, at least stable team, stable earnings Replica Oakley Gascan. So the next 3-5 years the first glasses electricity suppliers can continue to maintain stability? This topic worth exploring Replica Oakley Gascan. In the Lynx, the lenses will only be allowed to sell it to pharmacies? Eyewear brand independent B2C really so worthless? Content does not directly answer the following question here, for reference and discussion Replica Oakley Gascan.

Aspect One: branded eyewear B2C dwindling sales increasingly focused on platform

The next few years, this should be very obvious Replica Oakley Gascan. Analysis by 28 principles, 80% of sales will be generated at 20% of the sites where 80% of consumers will focus on the 20% of the channels to buy Replica Oakley Gascan. With the electronic business platform matures, more sellers come to rely on the platform where to create value Replica Oakley Gascan. So a year into the Lynx, Jingdong plethora of glasses, and create their own brand of glasses is almost unheard B2C platform, it is increasingly focused on sales Replica Oakley Gascan. (PS: some time ago to see Luda electricity supplier operations director resignation news, and more for the idea or not, Luda official B2C sales unpleasantness Replica Oakley Gascan.)

Aspect Two: big brands, big corporate self B2C sales greater chance

Some people may feel a bit contradictory with the above view is essentially different Replica Oakley Gascan. To have the big brands in terms of sales, channel sales electricity suppliers to do the same time to establish their own B2C probably the right way Replica Oakley Gascan. Now days cat, Jingdong continue to burst “kidnapping” and other news providers, for enterprises actually uncomfortable, but the source of traffic, customer analysis, viscosity, the user experience is very difficult to make their own characteristics, such as the following custom C2B will be more difficult to achieve Replica Oakley Gascan. Build their own platform has the advantage of good user precise analysis, features user experience and service Replica Oakley Gascan. Especially contact lenses that standardized products, the user viscosity is very high, easy to maintain old customers Replica Oakley Gascan. As for the traffic sources, and if you understand Internet operators who operate the market, in fact, with the current Lynx and Jingdong almost the same Replica Oakley Gascan. (Identity @ Zhuang Shuai views)

Aspect Three: Food and Drug Administration policy changes, contact lenses and medicine distinction?

This information has previously heard rumors yesterday with certain glasses B2C CEOs chat he said again, contact lenses and medicines SFDA may be treated separately, which means that the threshold for contact lenses may not be so high, the last four month after the contact lens holder electricity providers operating norms relatively a lot better, but under the current circumstances and opening the possibility of not too large Replica Oakley Gascan. Once this policy and opening up, and what the outcome and what opportunities? Might be a in depth Replica Oakley Gascan.

Aspect Four: O2O mode is able to promote the development of electronic business optician

Many people are in doubt O2O model, he is able to change the glasses retail model? Actually ask this man he did not get to know how O2O mode of operation, in which the future prospects? Fitting separation will gradually become the trend, such as the Taiwan and other major chain brands have been gradually implemented, Li Bai horizon has long layout O2O, but I am more optimistic about the city O2O glasses mode, online and offline interactive and easier to form loop services Replica Oakley Gascan. We all know that basically every city and region has local characteristics of optical retail brands, and have a certain reputation (such as Chongqing, Chiba, Henan Po Da, Xi’an Northwest Opticians, etc Replica Oakley Gascan.) Replica Oakley Gascan. May now only do simple line coupons for glasses experience and so, with the development of mobile Internet and micro-channel open platform to realize O2O will rapidly reduce the cost, how to use O2O means to meet customer demand, is retail brands need to think about Replica Oakley Gascan.

These trends from the retail perspective, for the C-terminal users, in fact, the value of B2B in the eyewear industry is still huge, though this piece Huangtu explore a bit difficult, but still firmly believe that the strength of the companies to bite the next piece of the pieĀ  Replica Oakley Gascan. Finally rectify the fact that everyone says the glasses industry customer price higher and higher, in fact, not to say that the original sold 100 150 products can now be sold, but rather had to sell 200 products are now sold 150, allow the use of high-end products more and more customers Replica Oakley Gascan. Point will reduce corporate profits, the required operational and management level but to improve it Replica Oakley Gascan. For glasses, the moment is the Internet withstand the changes brought about, in order to withstand the more long-term Replica Oakley Gascan.